Kawarakko (canoeing and float rafting) Kochi

Kawarakko (canoeing and float rafting)

With a clean, blue stream, the slow river meanders between green trees, the white sandbank, and Chinkabashi bridges. These are the characteristic views of the Shimanto River. Chinkabashi bridges are bridges built without parapets, designed not to be washed away but to be sunk at high tide. Among them, Iwama Chinkabashi Bridge is the best place to take photos, because its simple form is in the harmony with nature. Most of the rivers in Japan have straight and rapid streams, but aside from some of the upper parts, the Shimanto River is a slow and winding river. This may be one of the reasons for gentle flow of time in Shimanto. The river is very rare in that there are still people who earn their living as river fishermen, which gives you a chance to see the traditional fishing of sweet fish, river shrimp, eels, and even seaweed. Enjoy the wild nature and the local culture of Shimanto, while riding Japanese traditional “yakatabune” house boats, sailboats, canoes, or rafts.

Address or Location24 Tadenokawa Shimanto-city Kochi
Opening Hours9:00 – 12:00 / 13:00 – 15:30
Please come 30 minutes before leaving.
ClosedClosed Mondays
FeesKayak (single seater): Adult 5,200 yen
Tandem kayak (twin seater): 7,600 to 8,400 yen
Canadian canoe (twin or triple seater): 8,400 to 9,200 yen
Rafting float (7 seater at least 2 people): Adult 3,600 yen
(Japanese only)

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum ShimantoKochi

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto

Kaiyodo, a company known for its professional manufacturing of elaborate figurines, opened this museum to the public as a “remote museum” deep in the mountains of Shimanto-cho. A gymnasium of a closed elementary school was remodelled into the museum. The museum is popular for figurine lovers and contributes to the revitalisation of the depopulated local community.

Address or Location1458-1 Utsui-gawa, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi
Opening Hours10:00-18:00 (last admission 17:30)
ClosedTuesdays (except Bank Holidays, in which case closed the next working day), New Year Holiday (December 28 to January 1) *open every day from the fourth week of July to the end of August
FeesAdult (over 16s) 800yen, Child (ages 7-15) 400yen
(Japanese only)
Transportationapprox. 80-minute drive from Mima IC on the Matsuyama Expressway, approx. 30-minute drive from Shimantocho-Chuo IC on the Kochi Expressway, about 6km from JR Utsuigawa station

Kure Taisho-machi MarketKochi

Kure Taisho-machi Market

This market has been at the heart of the local community since the 19th century. Alongside local specialties like pole & line caught skipjack tuna, a huge selection of seafood, vegetables and delis are available. Eating in the market is popular for tourists, enjoy some nautical flavours for lunch! The market became the first port town designated as an Important Cultural Property in March 2011.

Address or LocationKure, Nakatosa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi
Phone0889-52-2437 (Nakatosa-cho fisheries commerce division)
Opening Hourslate morning to evening
ClosedJanuary 1 to 3, stormy days (some stalls closed on the fourth Tuesday)
(Japanese only)
Transportationapprox. 1h 30-min. drive from Kochi Ryoma Airport, 5-minute drive from Nakatosa IC, a 5-minute walk from Tosa-Kure station

Tosa Tataki DojoKochi

Tosa Tataki Dojo

Kochi’s local delicasy is a bonito, wrapped in straw and lightly roasted to soften the hard skin while locking the delicious flavors inside. Tosa Tataki Dojo in the “Katsuosen” roadside station will cook the bonito for you, or let you do it yourself! Try your hand at cooking up some delicious bonito, and eat it while it is still piping hot, fresh out of the fire. The smell of straw and fresh, flavorful bonito go together to make the perfect taste! Once the fish is roasted, it is sliced up and ready to eat. Try the Kochi style with garlic and Japanese mint!

Address or Location201-2 Niida Kochi-city, Kochi
Phone088-847-3255 ‎
Opening Hours11:00 – 15:00
Bonitos are sold until stocks are exhausted
FeesLightly roasted bonito (fish only): 1,100 yen
Lightly roasted bonito meal: 1,300 yen
(Japanese only)

Happy RaftKochi

Happy Raft

Located in the mild climate of Shikoku, The Yoshino River is surrounded by untouched nature and blessed with crystal clear water, which makes a prime location for water activities such as rafting and canyoning. The river is counted as one of the best 10 rafting spots since the amount of water is relatively abundant throughout the season. You can join half-day or full-day rafting tours provided by experts. Also, you can enjoy BBQing! After an excitement-filled rafting experience, take your time relaxing in Oboke or Iya Hot Springs.

Address or Location221-1 Ikadagi Otoyocho Nagaokagun Kochi
Opening HoursOne day tour: 8:45 – 16:30
Morning tour: 9:45 – 13:00
Afternoon tour: 13:45 – 17:00
Fees5,500 yen/half-day 10,000 yen/full-day

Whale WatchingKochi

Whale Watching

Get on a local fishing boat for Kuroshio-cho Whale Watching and see the 12-metre long Bryde’s whales in the Tosa Bay! You will also see several kinds of dolphins here. A truly unforgettable experience is waiting for you!

Address or LocationMuroto-city, Kochi-city, Tosa-city and Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun
Opening HoursSeason: Late April to late October
TransportationTo Muroto-city: approx. 2h 15min. drive from Nankoku IC
To Kochi-city: Take a bus for Katsurahama from JR Kochi station, get off at the last stop and walk 10 minutes.
To Tosa-city: approx. 20-minute drive from Tosa IC
To Kuroshio-cho: the closest stations are Tosa Kamikawaguchi (depart from Kamikawaguchi Port) and Tosa Irino (depart from Irino Port) on the Tosa-Kuroshio Railway.

Shimanami KaidoEhime

The 70-kilometer-long “Shimanami Kaido Highway” spans the Inland Sea and consists of 9 bridges which connect 6 islands scattered between Imabari-city in Shikoku and Onomichi-city in Honshu. The world’s first three suspension bridges, the Kurushima Kaikyo-Ohashi, are highly valued structures and provide one of the best views of the floating islands, especially at sunset! Unlike many highways of this size, you can cross it on bike or on foot. You can drop by some of the islands to enjoy fresh tastes such as citrus fruit grown in the mild climate or savory seafood caught in the Inland Sea. Time almost slows down as you look out onto the quiet sea and inhale the fresh air. Along the Shimanami Kaido highway you can easily enjoy the harmony of the peaceful sea and as well as contemporary art. There are 15 rental bicycle stations in total, including both starting points (Onomichi and Imabari).

Address or Location2-8-1 Sunaba, Imabari-city, Ehime
Phone0898-41-3196 (Sunrise Itoyama)
Opening Hours[April-September]
[October – March]
FeesAdult: 500 yen/day Deposit: 1,000 yen (refunded if bicycle is returned to same station)
Transportation15 min by car from Imabari Station.

Canyoning at Nametoko GorgeEhime

Canyoning at Nametoko Gorge

Waterfalls, uniquely shaped rocks, and cliffs create distinctive landscape of Nametoko Canyon. It is surrounded by many forests and filled with negative ions which are believed to help you relax and soothe your body. It is highly recommended to enjoy trekking during autumn when all of the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red. A must see is Yukiwanotaki, a waterfall that cascades down a massive stone slab and creates designs in its waves. It takes about 40 minutes to reach on foot from Morinokuni Hotel, a travel hub located within the canyon. Nametoko Canyon is ranked as the No.1 outdoor location for canyoning in Japan. In addtion to the thrilling canyoning, you can also try sliding down its natural 40-meter long water slide or try jumping into the waterfall’s basin!

Address or LocationNametoko keikoku,Meguro,Kitauwagun Matsunocho,Ehime
Opening HoursEarly April to early November (may close earlier in the season depending on weather) Morning: 9:30 – 12:30 Afternoon: 13:00 – 16:00 Full day: 9:30 – 16:00
FeesHalf day: 7,000yen
Full day: 10,500yen
(Additional charge of 500yen on weekends, holidays, and during the Obon period (mid-August))
(Japanese only)



The Seawalker is a unique activity allowing you to walk underwater wearing a special helmet filled with air. You can even enjoy the underwater world wearing glasses, contact lenses or make-up. Located in the Uwakai Kaichu Koen Marine Park, Kashima Island is a best-kept secret for divers for its beautiful coral reefs. Come and explore the colourful underwater world!

Address or Location1599 Funakoshi, Ainan-cho, Minamiuwa-gun, Ehime (Senohama Machiaijo)
Phone0895-82-0011 (Ainan-cho Nishiumi Kankosen Seawalker Information Desk)
Opening Hours10:00-16:00 (July 19 to August 31) * From June 7 to July 13, tours operated twice a day at 10:00 and 13:00 on weekends and holidays only. (Tours may be cancelled in bad weather)
ClosedSeptember 1 to June 6
FeesAdult 6,500yen (over 16s) Child 4,500yen (ages 10-15) *additional charge of 500yen applies during the summer holiday (August 9 to 17) *tax, insurance and special boots included
(Japanese only)
Transportationapprox. 40-minute drive from Tsushima-Iwamatsu IC (opening March 21, 2015), take a ferry to the Kashima Island from Senohama Machiaijo

Ozu Castle & Cormorant Fishing (Ukai)Ehime

Ozu Castle & Cormorant Fishing (Ukai)

Ozu Castle, located by the Hiji River, has long been an icon of Ozu. Reconstructed exactly as it was in the Edo period, the castle preserves the traditional style of Japanese architecture of the four-storied wooden castle tower. Ozu is also known as one of three major cormorant fishing locations in Japan. Its signature is that a pleasure boat and a fishing boat run in parallel, and you will have a rare opportunity to closely look at the cormorant master’s skilful technique, while enjoying the view of illuminated Ozu Castle and on-board meals and drinks.

Address or LocationOzu Castle: 903 Ozu, Ozu-city, Ehime Cormorant Fishing: Ozu, Ozu-city, Ehime
PhoneOzu Castle: 0893-24-1146 Cormorant Fishing: 0893-57-6655 (Ozu Tourist Information Centre)
Opening HoursOzu Castle: 09:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30) Cormorant Fishing: Night-time 18:00-20:30 (every day between June 1 to September 20) Daytime 12:00-13:30 (every Sundays between June 1 to September 20, August 13,14,15)
ClosedOpen every day during the season
FeesOzu Castle: Adult 500yen, Child (under 15as) 200yen Combination ticket for Garyu Sanso and Ozu Castle: Adult 800yen, Child (under 15s) 300yen Cormorant Fishing: Night-time: Adult (over 13s) 6,000yen, Child (ages 3-12) 4,500yen Daytime: Adult (over 13s) 4,000yen, Child (ages 3-12) 2,500yen *A short city tour and on-board meal include

Ozu Castle
(Japanese only)
Cormorant Fishing (Ukai)
(Japanese only)

TransportationOzu Castle: approx. 20-minute walk from JR Iyo-Ozu station, 5-minute walk from Ozu Honmachi bus stop on the Iyotetsu Bus, approx. 10-minute drive from Ozu IC Cormorant Fishing: approx. 20-minute walk from JR Iyo-Ozu station, approx. 10-minute drive from Ozu IC

Naruto WhirlpoolTokushima

Naruto Whirlpool

With its large scale, the Naruto Whirlpool is counted as one of the world’s top three tides. Naruto Strait is one of the connections between the Pacific Ocean and the Inland Sea, and has a width of about 1.3 kilometers. Due to its narrow size coupled with the tides, a large amount of water flows from the Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean into the strait twice a day. The whirlpool is created by the complex shape of the bottom, and the difference in water levels. The current in the strait is the fastest in Japan, and sometimes create vortices of over 20 meters in diameter. It’s fun to observe the whirlpools from the ship, and also thrilling to be able to look down into the sea through the glass floor of Uzunomichi, the promenade located under the Ohnaruto Bridge. See the panoramic view of Naruto Strait!

Address or LocationSightseeing boat: Kanko Port Narutochotosadomariura Naruto-city, Tokushima Uzunomichi, the promenade under Ohnaruto Bridge: Naruto-machi Park Naruto-cho Naruto-city, Tokushima
(Sightseeing boat)
(Promenade under Ohnaruto Bridge)
Opening HoursSightseeing boat: 9:00 – 16:20 30-minute cruise
Promenade under Ohnaruto Bridge:9:00 -18:00 (until 17:00 from Oct. to Feb.)
FeesSightseeing boat: 1,580-2,260 yen
Promenade under Ohnaruto Bridge:admission fee 510 yen
URLSightseeing boat
(Japanese only)
Promenade under Ohnaruto Bridge

Awaodori KaikanTokushima

Awaodori Kaikan

Awaodori Kaikan is the facility where you can enjoy Awa Dance, which is considered to be one of the three most famous Bon dances in Japan. In the dance hall you will not only see the unique styles of Otoko Odori (male dance) and Onna Odori (female dance) performed in a double time rhythm, but also enjoy dancing on the stage yourself. Drums, flute and gongs are played in a rhythm and music created specifically for the dancers. The harmony of dance and sound create the art of Awa Dance. This is the real Japan! The facility attracts many overseas tourists by means of a museum which covers the history of the dance as well as a souvenir shop which carries a wide range of sweets, sake, traditional indigo dyeing products, and more! You can climb up Mt. Bi (Bizan) where you can command a view of the entire city.

Address or Location2-20 Shinmachibashi Tokushima, Tokushima
Opening HoursDay time stage: 11:00- (Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays), 14:00-, 15:00-, 16:00-(Everyday)
Night time stage: 20:00 – 20:50 (Everyday)
FeesDay time: 600 yen
Night time: 800 yen
(Japanese only)

Obokekyo Canyon Pleasure BoatTokushima

Obokekyo Canyon Pleasure Boat

A sightseeing boat will take you to famous spots designated as natural monuments. 30-minute boat ride provides the views of uniquely-shaped rocks, which makes you feel like you are looking up from the bottom of the river. In early summer, all of the plants and foliage are a vibrant shade of green, and in autumn the green leaves gives way to rich reds which cover the entire mountains are covered with red-leaves. Red leaves and the emerald green river create picturesque, serene landscape. The reception desk is next to the Obokekyo Mannnaka Restaurant. The minimum passenger count is 1. The traditional trolley trains without windows are also highly recommended to enjoy the feeling of wind in your hair as you take in the view of Oboke.

Address or Location1520 Yamashirochonishiu Miyoshi-city, Tokushima
Opening Hours9:00 – 17:00pm
Not in service during flooding or storms
FeesAdult: 1,080 yen
(Japanese only)

Yoshino River RaftingTokushima

Yoshino River Rafting

Rafting is a recreational activity going down a river in a reinforced rubber boat. Shikoku’s Yoshino River is counted as one of the three most torrent rivers in Japan and is rafters’ paradise with over 3m waves, 2m fall through the beautiful scenery of gorges here. Is known as one of the best rafting spots in Japan. The beginners can try and enjoy this sport safely under the professional river guide as many rafting companies operate and run the classes in the vicinity.

Address or LocationYamashiro Cho, Miyoshi City,Tokushima
Phone0883-72-7620 (Miyoshi-City, Office of Tourism)
Opening Hours