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Cape Ashizuri & Ashizuri Hot Spring Kochi

Cape Ashizuri & Ashizuri Hot Spring

Cape Ashizuri is the southernmost point of Shikoku. Standing on the sheer cliffs with waves breaking below, you will witness the horizon curving out in an arc and the roundness of the earth. Must-see locations include a beautiful white lighthouse, a symbol of the cape, a tunnel of camellia trees and a walking path following the cape's seven mysteries. Then why not wind down at Ashizuri Hot Spring? Enjoy the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean while relaxing in an open-air bath. Ashizuri is also renowned for clear night skies full of stars in winter. Stay and watch spectacles of shooting stars and the Milky Way!

Address or Location Ashizuri-misaki, Tosashimizu-city, Kochi
Phone 0880-82-3155 (Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association), 0880-82-3225 (Ashiuri Hot Spring Council)
Opening Hours  
URL http://www.city.tosashimizu.kochi.jp/sight/map_02.html
(Japanese only)
Transportation approx. 3hrs 30min. by car from Kochi Ryoma Airport, one hour by car from Nakamura station, 30 min. from Shimizu bus stop and 2hrs 30 min. by car from Shimanto-cho Chuo IC

Dogo Hot Spring Ehime

Dogo Hot Spring

Among the public baths, Dogo Hot Spring alone is designated as an important national cultural asset and the structure at the hot spring is highly valued as well. The structure features artistic, decorative tiles on its roof, and the film Spirited Away is said to be based on Dogo Hot Spring. It opens with the sound of a drum at 6 o'clock in the morning, which draws a number of people for morning bathing. The water is slightly alkaline and is very gentle on the skin, making it popular among locals and tourists alike. Surrounded by many inns and shops, it is convenient for sightseeing in Matsuyama. You can get around by rickshaw, which can be easily found in front of the Dogo Onsen entrance. Have fun sightseeing among the shop-lined streets while thinking of old Japan.

Address or Location 5-6 Dogoyuno-machi Matsuyama-city, Ehime
Phone 089-921-5141
Opening Hours 6:00-23:00 (or 20:40 varies by tickets)
Fees Access to Kamino-yu bath only: 410 yen
Access to Kamino-yu bath and 2nd floor: 840 yen
Access to Tamano-yu and 2nd floor: 1,250 yen
Access to Tanano-yu and a private room on the 3rd floor: 1,550yen
URL http://www.dogo.or.jp/pc/
(Japanese only)

Kotohira-gu (Konpira) Shrine/Konpira Hot SpringsKagawa

Kotohira-gu (Konpira) Shrine/Konpira Hot Springs

Kotohira-gu is the Shinto shrine complex known as Konpira-san, dedicated to the guardian god of seafarers. The renowned long front approach consists of 785 stone steps to the main shrine, and 1,368 steps in total to the inner shrine. Climbing along these steps, you will pass by O-mon (the main gate), Gonin Byakusho (traditional sweet stalls) under their parasols and Shoin (the art museum) designated as an Important Cultural Property (ICP). Other historical buildings in the vast precincts include Asahi-sha, another ICP, and Homotsu-kan (the treasure house) exhibiting top-class arts and cultural properties. On the way back, stop by Konpira Hot Springs at the foot of Konpira-san. The traditional town, which flourished during the Edo period, is now filled with hot-spring inns. The spring water is gentle to the skin, containing sodium, calcium, chloride and a little iron. Refreshing footbaths are available and day visitors are welcomed!

Address or Location (Kotohira-gu Shrine)
892-1 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa
(Konpira Hot Springs)
Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa
Phone (Kotohira-gu Shrine)
(Kotohira-cho Tourist Information Centre)
Opening Hours  
URL Kotohira-gu Shrine
(Japanese only)
Association of Kotohira-cho sightseeing
(Japanese only)
Transportation To Kotohira-gu Shrine: 20-minute walk from Kotohira station, 50-minute drive from Takamatsu Airport (an airport shuttle bus service to Kotohira is available. Contact the airport for more info.), approx. 15-minute drive from Zentsuji IC To Konpira Hot Springs: approx. 10-minute walk from Kotohira station, approx. 15-minute drive from Zentsuji IC

Iya Hot Spring, Oboke Hot Spring Tokushima

Iya Hot Spring, Oboke Hot Spring

Iya Hot Spring is ranked as one the three best secluded hot springs in Japan, having the atmosphere of hidden place. Neighboring Oboke Hot Spring is called the "Skin-Rejuvenating Hot Spring" Find your favorite hot spring and refresh yourself!

Address or Location  
Opening Hours  
URL http://oboke-iya.jp/en/

* This information is current as of March 2015. * Enquiries by phone or fax must be made in Japanese.

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