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Maps & BrochuresDownload our handy e-brochures for planning your visit to SHIKOKU!


  • Download PDF(7MB) SHIKOKU JAPAN Comfortable and Enjoyable Shikoku Attractive Food and Scenery Issued by:Shikoku Tourism Promotion Association
  • Download PDF(1.6MB) Spiritual Course Experience 1200 years of traditional pilgrimage culture and old-fashioned Japanese pastoral scenery on the Spiritual Course.
  • Download PDF(1.6MB) Railway Classical Course Travel at a leisurely pace through the countryside and have unique local experiences on the Classic Railway Course.
  • Download PDF(1.5MB) Drive Course Take the driving course to see the island-dotted beauty of the Seto Inland Sea, the vast Pacific Ocean, and the natural beauty of Shikoku’s mountains and rivers.
  • Download PDF(5.4MB) SHIKOKU DRIVE MAP Drive around Shikoku with a rental car! Map and guide for all drivers. Issued by:Shikoku Tourism Promotion Association
  • Download PDF(2.4MB) SHIKOKU Tourist Guide Book Practical information for travelling in Shikoku and the list of tourist destinations in each prefecture Issued by:Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Shikoku District Transport Bureau
  • Download PDF(42MB) Good Luck Trip SHIKOKU Introducing major sightseeing sites and recommended model courses as well as traditional culture, gourmet, and souvenirs in Shikoku Issued by:Organization for Promotion of Tourism in Shikoku, Shikoku District Transport Bureau
  • Download PDF(6.2MB) SHIKOKU Nature Trail Introduction of the course names and distances of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Map and photos included. Issued by:SOrganization for Promotion of Tourism in Shikoku
  • Download PDF(13MB) THE OCEAN OF SHIKOKU THE MYSTIC MOUNTAIN OF SHIKOKU Information on sightseeing spots, food, and accommodations in Shimanto/Ashizuri area in Ko-chi Prefecture and Nishi-awa area in Tokushima Prefecture Issued by:Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Shikoku District Transport Bureau Organization for Promotion of Tourism in Shikoku Tokushima Prefecture International Tourism "Theme Regions" Promotion Council Miyoshi City Tosashimizu City
  • Download PDF(2.8MB) SHIKOKU Rekishi-Bunkado Introducing historical cultural heritage of Shikoku in 11 themes Issued by:Rekishi Bunkado Promotion Council
  • Download PDF(10MB) Pilgrimage to the 88 Sacred Places Guide Map Background information about the Shikoku Pilgrimage, and nearby sightseeing spots. Includes a map of the 88 temples. Issued by:Shikoku Tourism Promotion Association
  • Download PDF(18MB) SHIKOKU Trekking Map Best 3 Shikoku Trekking Map Best3(Mt.Ishizuchi,Mt.Dozan-mine,Mt.Tsurugi). Issued by:Shikoku Tourism Promotion Association
  • Download PDF(25MB) Friendship Trails Jeju Olle & SHIKOKU Henro Trail Four Friendship Trails Map Jeju Olle & Shikoku Henro Trail. Issued by:Shikoku Tourism Promotion Association

Kagawa Prefecture

  • Download PDF(2.1MB) Welcome to Kagawa Visitors from distant lands, welcome to Kagawa! Issued by:Kagawa Prefecture
  • Download PDF(20MB) Takamatsu Guide Book Information about Yashima, Seto Inland Sea, Sanuki Udon, shopping arcades, and more. Lots of information about facilities like Symbol Tower and Sunport too. Issued by: Takamatsu Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Download PDF(1.9MB) A Journey of the Five Senses in Sanuki City Information about Sanuki City's history, food, hot springs, and more. Also features pilgrim info about Temples (Nos. 86 to 88). Issued by:Sanuki City Tourism Association
  • Download PDF(5.2MB) Utazu Graph Packed with useful information about great viewpoints in Utazu, information about udon restaurants, and guides to local temples and shrines. Includes a map of walking courses. Issued by:Utazu-cho Industrial Promotion Section
  • Download PDF(19MB) MARUGAME Information on sightseeing spots in Marugame City. Includes a tourist map. Issued by:Marugame City Tourism Association
  • Download PDF(2.2MB) Shodoshima Information Sightseeing spots on Shodoshima Island complete with map and photographs. Includes estimated times for driving. Issued by:Shodoshima-cho Department of Commerce and Tourism/Shodoshima-cho Tourism Association
  • Download PDF(6.4MB) Shodoshima Guide Book Information about 19 sightseeing spots, special island products, and a map of Shodoshima Island. Issued by:Tonosho Town Office Commerce and Tourism Department /Shodoshima Tonosho Tourism Association
  • Download PDF(3.2MB) Nakayama Stroll Map Sightseeing spots in Shodoshima's Nakayama area, including walking maps for Mt. Yufune and the Senmaida terraced rice paddy area. Issued by:Shodoshima-cho Department of Commerce and Tourism/Shodoshima-cho Tourism Association
  • Download PDF(2.4MB) Mito Peninsula Leisure Map Tourist spots for Shodoshima Island's Mito Peninsula are showcased with illustrations. Includes detailed access information. Issued by:Shodoshima-cho Department of Commerce and Tourism/Shodoshima-cho Tourism Association
  • Download PDF(1.1MB) Naoshima Walking Map How much time does it take to go around Naoshima on foot? Issued by:Town-Naoshima Tourism Association

Tokushima Prefecture

  • Download PDF(3MB) TOKUSHIMA Tourist Guide
  • Download PDF(910KB) Nishi Awa Tourism Map A map of Nishi Awa with detailed information on sightseeing spots, natural scenery, events, history, and other topics related to the area. Issued by:Tokushima Prefectural Government West District Administration Bureau
  • Download PDF(9MB) Untouched Japan Be absorbed in the natural beauty of untouched Japan Issued by:Planning and Development Department, West District Administration Bureau, Tokushima Prefecture
  • Download PDF(6MB) Come on in!! Oboke-Iya in Tokushima Photos and information about Oboke and Iya's nature, history, famous products, hot springs, and more. Includes handy Japanese guide for emergencies. Issued by:Oboke-Iya Onsen-kyo Hot Springs Accommodation Association
  • Download PDF(12MB) Nishi Awa Tourism Map Introduction of Iya-Oboke area in Tokushima Issued by:Nishi Iya Tourism Association Secretariat
  • Download PDF(25MB) Blue Travel Journal Information on all the hottest sights and fun entertainment spots in Mima City including the Townscape of Udatsu, with accompanying pictures. Issued by:Mima City - Economic Department, Commerce, Industry & Tourism Division
  • Download PDF(2.5MB) Minami town tourism brochure This is a comprehensive tourist brochure of Minami town. It Includes attractions and events as well as accommodation information. Issued by:Minami-cho
  • Download PDF(2.7MB) Illustrated walking map to the Hiwasa district in the town of Minami Let's walk through the historic streets of "Hiwasa". It becomes more like a "Hiwasa" When you look at it. Issued by:Minami-cho

Kochi Prefecture

  • Download PDF(23MB) Stream of Dreams The Shimanto River A tourist guide to Shimanto City in Kochi Prefecture. Issued by:Shimanto City Tourism Association
  • Download PDF(9.1MB) Guide Book TOSASHIMIZU Guide to the main sightseeing spots in Tosashimizu City belonging to Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park including Cape Ashizuri, located at the southernmost tip of Shikoku, Tatsukushi Marine Park, Japan's first undersea park, and others. Issued by:Tosashimizu City Office, Kochi Prefecture

Ehime Prefecture

  • Download PDF(5.1MB) Ehime Travel Guide Area offering abundant nature and sophisticated culture Issued by:Ehime Prefecture Tourism Association, Ehime International Tourism Association
  • Download PDF(19MB) Ehime Cycling Map Introduction of Shimanami sea route cycling road and 10 cycling course of Ehime Prefecture. Issued by:Ehime Prefecture
  • Download PDF(4.9MB) AINAN A guide to Ainan in Ehime prefecture based on the themes of experience, healing, seeing, tasting and souvenirs. Issued by:Ainan cho
  • Download PDF(3.4MB) Uwajima A guide to Uwajima  in Ehime prefecture. Issued by:Uwajima city